Former ARG associate Martell Dyles oversees RTD’s innovative workforce training program

It’s not every day a city can lay claim to building a program so compelling that other cities want to emulate it, but that’s exactly what is happening with Workforce Initiative Now or WIN, the job training initiative developed by Denver’s Regional Transportation District.

Established by RTD in 2011, WIN continues to build on its growing reputation as the industry benchmark for training skilled workers for the transportation industry.

The regional program, funded in part by a Federal Transit Administration grant, partnered with the Community College of Denver, Denver Transit Partners and other private companies and government agencies to train people to work on construction, transportation and public infrastructure projects.

Now peer agencies around the country are following RTD’s lead.

Since WIN’s inception, 388 people have landed jobs that have kick-started their careers or have enrolled in advanced training opportunities for incumbent employees.

As the demand for more and better public transportation rises in the United States over the coming years, the need for mechanics, track operators and other skilled employees is likely to increase, too, said Martell Dyles, who manages the WIN program for RTD.

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