About Us

ARG’s Mission Statement

ARG’s mission is to assist in the design, innovation and implementation of programs to promote diversity and economic equality through the identification, utilization and development of disadvantaged businesses and human resources.

ARG, founded by Gregory Jenifer in 2001, is a nationally recognized leader in the design, review, implementation, management and administration of all aspects of the Federal DBE/SBE  Program and its requirements codified at 49 CFR Parts 26 and 23, as well as State and Local Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise Programs (“L/M/WBE, SWaM”).  ARG has developed nationally recognized “Best Practice” solutions to assist in designing, implementing, managing and administering effective DBE/SBE programs which comply with local and Federal program requirements, while facilitating entrepreneurial training, capacity building, program management, technical assistance, outreach and business development initiatives to assist and promote competitiveness amongst DBE firms and to facilitate relationship building with non-DBEs.

Capabilities:  Compliance – Diversity and Inclusion Program Consulting

Armand Resource Group, Inc. (ARG) is a certified Disadvantaged and Minority Business Enterprise (D/MBE) firm specializing in policy and program design, implementation, and compliance monitoring and reporting in the following key areas:

Disadvantaged/Minority/Small/Woman Business Enterprise (D/M/S/WBE) Compliance including:

  • D/M/S/WBE Outreach and Recruitment
  • Certification Services
  • Contract Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Procurement Assistance/Inclusion Initiatives
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Commercially Useful Function Reviews
  • Comprehensive Compliance Reviews and Audits

Affirmative Action (Title VI) and Diversity Compliance including:

  • 667C4228Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • Workforce Diversity Planning and Compliance
  • Davis-Bacon Wage Compliance, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
  • Americans with  Disabilities  Act (ADA)
  • Compliance  Management & Training
  • Environmental Justice (EJ)
  • Compliance Reviews, Audits
  • Litigation Support Services

Training, Community Affairs and Other Consulting Services:

  • Mentor-Protégé Programs
  • Technical Training – Workforce and Contractor
  • Technical Assistance/Business Development
  • On The Job Training (OJT) Programs
  • Public Engagement/ Outreach Services
  • Expert Witness/Claims and Litigation Support
  • Disparity Studies, Public Hearings and Analysis Support
  • Call Center Data Collection Services

ARG has special expertise in Alternative Project Delivery Methods and Procurements, D/M/S/WBE Compliance and Program Management support services.  Additionally, ARG provides Independent Private Sector Inspector General Fraud Prevention Compliance Monitoring. ARG provides D/M/S/WBE program management and compliance services on several projects nationwide that gives us unique practical “best practice” experience, which is invaluable to every client.  Our expertise gives clients a strategic edge, in one comprehensive resource, for all of their diversity, inclusion, civil rights and affirmative action programmatic needs.