Leadership/Key Personnel

Armand Resource Group, Inc. (ARG) is a DBE firm that was founded in 2001. Under the leadership and supervision of Gregory A. Jenifer, President & CEO, ARG provides the expertise of nationally recognized leaders in the field of DBE, EEO, Outreach and Workforce Compliance Services, and the commitment of the ARG Team to ensure the successful development and implementation of an aggressive compliance and integrity monitoring and reporting process.

Gregory A. Jenifer, President & CEO

Greg Photo June 2014Gregory A. Jenifer is the founder, President and CEO of Armand Resource Group, Inc.  Mr. Jenifer is responsible for implementing the company’s vision/mission to:   “assist in the design, innovation and implementation of programs to promote diversity and economic equality through the identification, utilization and development of disadvantaged businesses and human resources.”

Mr. Jenifer is responsible for all financial decisions, estimating, bid preparation, negotiating insurance, marketing and sales, hiring and firing personnel, supervising field operations, purchasing equipment, materials, supplies, managing payroll, negotiating contracts and ensuring the proper & successful implementation of services provided by the company.

As principal of Armand Resource Group, Inc., he has performed the services of Engagement Supervisor, Project Manager and QA/QC Oversight to ensure successful implementation of both contract performance and technical support initiatives.

Mr. Jenifer has over thirty (30) years of uninterrupted experience in the firm’s core competency areas of contract compliance, DBE, M/WBE, SBE program design, implementation and oversight services; customized compliance monitoring/reporting, mentoring, EEO, OJT, workforce, Title VI, EJ, ADA, civil rights, technical assistance, outreach, public engagement and other affirmative action/diversity services.

Gale Saunders, VP Administration

As Vice President, Administration, Ms. Saunders is a key member of ARG’s Executive Team. She is a strategic thinker who plans for the long-term success of the organization. Ms. Saunders manages human resources, corporate compliance and finance. Her responsibilities include developing, implementing and managing the firm’s administrative support functions. She develops corporate policy, operational procedures and innovative strategies to enhance the performance of the organization.

Theodore “T.J.” Limes, Sr. Project Manager

Mr. Limes is responsible for assisting with the development and implementation of contract compliance monitoring/oversight of DBE, EEO and workforce program requirements for federal and state funded projects. He performs compliance reviews/audits for DBE/EEO/ Title VI, OJT, EJ and LEP Programs. In addition to providing contract compliance monitoring and reporting services, Mr. Limes is responsible for providing outreach, public engagement and technical assistance services to DBEs/MBEs/WBEs and SBEs.  Mr. Limes has successfully participated in several State and Federal compliance audits of DBE, EEO and workforce/Davis Bacon Wage reviews.

Johanna Medina, Sr. Project Manager

Ms. Medina’s responsibilities include the design and implementation of contract compliance monitoring and reporting systems to track DBE/SBE and workforce participation and prevailing wage compliance. Development and implementation of customized tracking and reporting systems and procedures for the effective administration of DBE/SBE contract compliance programs. Responsibilities also include comprehensive desk and field monitoring/auditing of DBE/SBE and workforce participation. Ms. Medina is also responsible for workforce compliance monitoring, tracking and reporting services. She develops customized reporting systems and procedures for EEO/affirmative action and workforce compliance monitoring programs to ensure compliance with OFCCP/DOL and FTA requirements. Additionally, she converts English forms and reports to Spanish as well as explains forms to trade workers for compliance with limited English proficiency requirements. Ms. Medina is a specialist in the administration of DBE/EEO Programs on mega capital projects/programs.

Marilyn Richard Figueroa, Sr. Project Manager

Ms. Figueroa provides Organizational Development, Project Management and Diversity and Inclusion strategic consulting services.  She provides Organizational Development leadership and develops overall project strategy to ensure the successful execution of project details as part of a cross-functional team.  Ms. Figueroa translates large and complex data sets into actionable project insights.  She develops internal and external documentation and communication, including re-writes of existing documentation and new content based on data analysis;  completes literature reviews, survey design and analysis, and insight development; and rigorously adheres to project timelines and provides weekly, monthly and quarterly updates of performance versus objectives.

Joy Charles, Sr. Project Manager

Joy Charles has more than twenty-five years of public sector experience investigating allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse of public resources, and managing contractor due diligence and performance accountability in the transportation industry.  Ms. Charles is responsible for assisting with the development and implementation of contract compliance monitoring and oversight of Minority & Women Owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and Workforce Program requirements.  In addition to the contract compliance monitoring and oversight process, Ms. Charles conducts commercially useful function reviews and develops On-The-Job Training, Reporting and Oversight Programs.  Ms. Charles is also responsible for conducting and assisting with processing DBE/EEO/Title VI compliance reviews and coordinating overall efforts to ensure compliance with 49 CFR Parts 26 and 23 CFR 230 (EEO) and FHWA/FTA compliance matters.  Additionally her responsibilities include providing program administration, planning, project development, implementation, enforcement, monitoring and analysis of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) programs.