D/M/S/WBE Certification

ARG understands the intricacies of the certification process. Our staff is fully trained in D/M/S/WBE certification and recertification. We have assisted in the certification of a wide range of businesses and have conducted numerous certification workshops. ARG will evaluate a company’s profile based on proof of their capability to perform the services for which they are requesting certification.  We look at the owner’s resume, licenses, certificates, previous and ongoing contracts, list of equipment (if applicable), personal net worth statement, gross receipts for the business for the past three years, and anything else that will assist us in making an informed decision.  Facilitation of the process is made possible because we know the documentation required.   Additionally, we have an in-depth knowledge of the federal regulations codified at 49 CFR Parts 26 and 23 as well as 13 CFR PART 121 size standard regulations that are critical for successful implementation of the certification process.